Cacay Nut oil is the new Rosehip Oil and Argan Oil combined.

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

When we talk about skincare to prevent aging, the better known source of Vitamin A is probably Rosehip Oil and for Vitamin E is Argan Oil. However, Rosehip has fairly low a

mount of antioxidants to prevent oxidation, which means this oil turns rancid faster than other oils. Therefore, it must be combined with a source of Vit E (e.g. Argan oil, Almond oil etc.). On the other hand, Cacay nut oil has 3x the amount of vitamin A and 2x the amount of vitamin E. So unlike Rosehip, it stays naturally preserved for a longer time on its own.

Cacay nut oil also known as Kahai oil, immensely softens the skin by smoothing out wrinkles, improves elasticity and leaves the skin more supple and firm. It has the ability to visibly improve skin tone and reduce the impact of environmental damage. It can restore the skin’s natural barrier, heal scars and age spots, lighten hyperpigmentation, protect, nourish and moisturize, all without clogging pores. It delivers a serious boost of skin-loving vitamins and anti-oxidants for that incredibly youthful radiant look.

Cacay oil is a light, dry oil which is absorbed quickly without being sticky or greasy on the skin. This pure oil has a light, nutty fragrance that disappears upon application. Even better, it has so many uses – from a face moisturizer, a makeup remover, to a cuticle oil and the best part is that it is gentle on all skin types. So much, that it can be safely used around the eyes and lips.

An Asian beauty secret is the double cleanse: properly removing makeup and residue before cleansing the skin. Haven’t we all used cleansing wipes which not only contain chemicals that enter our sensitive eyes but also make us tug the eyes so hard that our lashes fall off. We have also used Coconut oil or Castor oil for the same purpose; which are effective, but they either cause acne or are too thick to cause blurry vision. But Cacay is a gentle, weightless oil that effectively removes dirt and makeup leaving the skin hydrated, soft and refreshed. Since it’s a natural oil, it cleanses the skin while maintaining the moisture with no added synthetics, mineral oils or preservatives.

Cacay nut oil is 100% cold pressed from the nuts of cacay tree. Its rich in Vit A, E and F and highly effective for Anti-aging.
Cacay Nut Oil

Another reason to love Cacay is that sustainability plays a large role in its production. The Caryondendro Orinocense tree is locally grown in the native habitats of Amazon, Colombia and Peru. The manufacturers of Cacay nut oil have made important efforts in keeping sustainability a vital aspect of their cultivation and production process. More new trees are planted with methods that require fewer fossil fuels or damage to the environment. These fast-growing trees, result in a higher nutrient turnover in the soil. The extraction process (100% cold pressed) is designed to be waste-free, where the remains of the pressed Cacay nut shells are often used to make cooking flour or nut milk and the inner peel is used as cattle feed or fertilizer. This miracle oil is now an “all new rage” and the popularity of this gorgeous oil has resulted in a financial motivation for cultivators in the Amazon to avoid deforestation. So why not help our little planet while saving our skin too; although it’s our planet that requires the ‘saving’!

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